Explainer videos aren’t anything new, but as technology makes videos in general that little more accessible both at home and on the move – and with a more captive audience of viewers demanding a multimedia experience – these how-to guides are becoming much more popular.

Why make an explainer video?

Demonstrating a product is so much better than simply showing people what it is through words and pictures. Not only is it way more visually engaging, but it can summarise something with much more speed and precision, while also showing specific actions that even GIF files would struggle to communicate. It also gives plenty of opportunity to showcase a brand’s style and personality.

So, if you want to create an explainer video for a product, service or your company outright, what do you need to consider? Here are five key things to have at the forefront of your mind.

Get scripting

A script’s the most important foundation of any explainer video. It’s best to start by listing questions you want to answer – anything as simple as “what does the product/service do?” or as specific as “when do we unveil the key benefits?” It’s actually best to get someone from outside the company to draft the script or, at the very least, review it. Having distance from a product or service explainer video can give a greater clarity of judgement.

Keep it simple

Nobody likes a long-winded description, nor do they want to know your life story. Viewers click play to see a product in action, so think about how you can keep it simple and to the point. Think about structuring it into four segments: problem, solution, your product, and a call to action to top it off.

Keep it short

Similar to the above, it’s important to add shortness into the mix. People can be put off at the sheer sight of “5:00” as a playtime, even if the key benefits are imparted in the first minute, because they expect to be kept waiting. Think also about the times that people view your video, too, such as between tasks at work, or on the bus (using mobile data). You can’t afford to keep these people waiting.

Be professional

It’s all fun and games trying to be wacky and creative, but explainer videos are, by definition, important to keep above board. Focus on explaining how things work with a focus on functionality. Sure, you can consider putting great functions into fun situations, but ensure those features are front and centre start ups, Focus on the benefits, not the features

Explainer videos often have problems communicating why features are good, instead listing what they are. For example, it’s all fair and good saying that a camera or smartphone has 64GB of storage as standard, but saying that it therefore has more room for apps and photos will appeal to users’ individual sensibilities and desires. Connect function with benefit at every stage of the way.

Need an explainer video? I’m the CEO & Founder of Stada Media, a video production agency in West Yorkshire. Email me at dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk and let’s talk video!