Leading Through the Storm: Navigating the Challenges of Being a Leader

Leadership is not without its challenges. As the leader of anything – a business, a sports team, a political party, even your own household – you are the person people look to in times of crisis, and just generally for guidance and instruction. So what are the challenges of leading a team effectively? And as […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Starting Your Own Business

Nobody teaches you how to set up your own business; you’re expected to just figure it out for yourself. But you can get help along the way from a trusted business mentor and from podcasts like my own Diary of an Entrepreneur. I’ve been through this process now and I have first-hand experience of the […]

The Importance of Team Training and How to Make It Effective

Coaching your team is about giving people the skills, knowledge and motivation they need to be effective and productive. It’s not cheerleading – sometimes people need some tough love to get them moving – but ultimately it has the best interests of your team at heart. Knowing how to train your team is an important […]

How To Avoid Procrastination and Boost Your Productivity

Knowing how to stop procrastinating is a valuable skill in business. Procrastination and productivity are polar opposites, but productivity feeds directly into your business’s profits and prosperity. That’s a lot of pro’s – in fact the only negative here is procrastination itself. In this guide I’ll try to answer the question “what does procrastinate mean?” […]

What is An Entrepreneur? Everything You Should Know

If you’ve read much of my blog, you’ll have seen me mention my podcast series The Diary of an Entrepreneur. But what is an entrepreneur and what are the biggest benefits for entrepreneurs? Personally I’m now well on the way along my own journey of entrepreneurship and I’m ready to share some of my own […]

Building a Strong Career Structure: Tips for Success

Staff progress is a big part of keeping a happy and motivated workforce. While some employees are satisfied with the day-to-day of doing their job, the vast majority want a sense of where their career is going – a roadmap for their personal work progression. In practical terms, this gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to shape […]

What Is a Business Mentor? How They Can Transform Your Journey

A business mentor is a cross between a mediator, a therapist and a best friend for entrepreneurs. I’ve got one – if you’ve followed my The Diary of an Entrepreneur podcast, you’ll have heard John Morgan’s voice in both episode 21 and episode 22. John has been my confidante for many years and is a […]

How To Create Strong Internal Communications For Your Business

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to get focused on external communications while neglecting the importance of internal communications. If you’ve followed my video series The Diary of an Entrepreneur on YouTube, you’ll see that I hold regular progress meetings with staff at all levels, welcome ideas and tackle any concerns head-on. This isn’t just me being […]

How To Use LinkedIn For Sales

LinkedIn gets a bad rap among many professionals, but I can personally vouch for the potential of LinkedIn for sales. I’ve used LinkedIn messages to land some of my biggest contracts, which helped Stada Media to grow as a business and as a brand. I discuss LinkedIn sales and the broader context of LinkedIn branding […]