Mastering the Art of Business Acquisition: A Comprehensive Guide

Acquisition is the process of one business buying another business. It’s a form of growth, but it’s different from organic growth, where sales and revenues are increased from within by generating more (and higher-value) leads. I’m a strong believer in business acquisition as a way to add value to a brand, and it’s a strategy […]

How To Create Strong Internal Communications For Your Business

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to get focused on external communications while neglecting the importance of internal communications. If you’ve followed my video series The Diary of an Entrepreneur on YouTube, you’ll see that I hold regular progress meetings with staff at all levels, welcome ideas and tackle any concerns head-on. This isn’t just me being […]

How To Use LinkedIn For Sales

LinkedIn gets a bad rap among many professionals, but I can personally vouch for the potential of LinkedIn for sales. I’ve used LinkedIn messages to land some of my biggest contracts, which helped Stada Media to grow as a business and as a brand. I discuss LinkedIn sales and the broader context of LinkedIn branding […]

Why You Should Hire A Managing Director

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the role of a managing director and why you should hire a managing director to handle the running of your business. If you’ve never considered appointing a managing director, it’s something worth thinking about, as it can have a big impact on your day-to-day operations. So what […]

What Is A Sales Pipeline? How To Manage It

In my Diary of an Entrepreneur podcast I talk about every aspect of my experience of starting and running Stada Media, from finding the right premises, to building my team, to securing contracts worth tens of thousands of pounds each. But those contracts don’t appear from thin air and instantly ready to sign. There’s a […]

How To Market Your Business & Why It’s So Important

Marketing your business has so many more benefits than a lot of people realise. It’s not just about advertising in your local newspaper and watching the orders come rolling in. When you know how to market your business with a joined-up strategy, you can compound those benefits with improved awareness, brand recognition and positive perception […]

How To Recruit The Best Talent For Your Business

Recruiting employees for your business is one of the biggest challenges you can face as a first-time entrepreneur or when your company puts on a growth spurt. No matter how big or small you are, your company is only as good as the people it employs. This is especially true in skilled disciplines and creative […]

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Business?

Whether you’re planning to launch a business or are already up and running, dealing with expenses can be a source of stress, surprise, and consternation.  Most business owners dread discussing money because they consider it to be “hanging our dirty laundry,” but I believe it is such an important element of doing business that we […]

50 Books to Transform Your Business Strategy

In my experience, everyone has an operating system that guides how they do business and how they live. There are specifics on which you should concentrate if you want to succeed in business. So that I can compare notes with other professionals and test out new approaches, I have done extensive research in this area. […]

The Importance of Cash Flow in Business

One of the most stressful aspects of running a business is managing cash flow. Using an analogy, if a company runs out of cash flow, it will die just like a fire without oxygen. This is why it’s crucial to keep tabs on money and avoid excessively dragging out payments for services. Late payments have […]